Imagine if it took 70 percent of your disposable income to put food on your family’s table, leaving just 30 percent for all other expenses. It is hard for us to imagine, but that’s the reality for the average person in Congo, Cambodia or Nepal, according to the Food Security Index, a major report sponsored by DuPont that ranks food affordability, availability, and quality across 105 countries.

In several other countries, mostly in Africa and Asia, food accounts for 50 percent or more of household expenditures. In the United States, food accounts for a dramatically lower 13.9 percent of household expenditures, and in Switzerland, the figure is even lower at 7 percent.

Overall, the report ranks the United States first, followed by Denmark, Norway and France as the most food-secure countries in the world, based on a combination of ample food supplies, high incomes, low spending on food relative to other outlays and significant investment in agricultural research and development.