As well he should. Independent fact-checkers have rendered multiple verdicts on the subjects of Bain, Romney and outsourcing, and Obama keeps lying, unfazed. As Chicago unleashes yet another negative ad premised on repeatedly discredited claims, Boston is firing back with a new spot of its own:

This isn’t a bad offering, but I think it only grazes the critical point: Obama’s ads aren’t just relentlessly negative — they’re knowingly and stubbornly factually inaccurate. (David Brooks touches on this briefly during his portion of the ad). Team Obama has earned a conga line of ‘Pinocchios’ for “misleading, unfair and untrue” commercials based on “no evidence.” They’ve doubled and tripled down on their dishonesty, yet Democrats have the gall to demand that Romney quit “whining” about being baselessly slandered as either a felon or a liar: