Is Sarah Palin preparing her followers for disappointment? That could be. In an appearance on Fox News Tuesday, the former Alaska governor sounded a lot like somebody who was explaining to fans why it’s better that she doesn’t run for president.

Asked the obvious question by Greta van Susteren – is she in or is she out – Ms. Palin had this to say. We’ll quote the whole thing, from a Fox transcript, so you get the full idea.

“Somebody like me – is a title and is a campaign too shackling?” said Palin. “Does that prohibit me from being out there, out of a box, not allowing handlers to shape me and to force my message to be what donors or what contributors or what political pundits want it to be? Does a title take away my freedom to call it like I see it and to affect positive change that we need in this country? That’s the biggest contemplation piece in my process.