PELOSI: We did this in the Bush years. It didn’t work. It produced record unemployment. Record unemployment. So now they’re saying, perhaps we shall all engage in the luxury of amnesia. Let’s forget all of that and do it again, because our friends, they need these tax cuts. And that’s just not right. I think others have said it. But the fact is, it’s self-evident. It didn’t work before. It didn’t work before. President Bush had one of the worst records of job creation of any President, and again, with such a ditch that he took us in, that it was exacerbated by the financial crisis. It took us to a near depression. We don’t want to go there again. And again, I know, the candidates of the millionaires think that that’s the only way: Trickle down. Well, I don’t know what’s trickling down, but it’s not a pleasant experience for the middle class. Instead, money is extracted up.