Something akin to hysteria has gripped some gun control advocates because of a fearsome combination of factors.

According to CeaseFirePA and newspapers in three Pennsylvania cities, the related events are cause for abject despair:

• A horrible “loophole” exists in the reciprocal agreements between most states, including Pennsylvania, allowing for gun permits issued in one state to be honored by other states, even after a gun owner is denied a permit in his home state.
A Philadelphia man took advantage of the “loophole” to obtain a gun permit from Florida, resulting in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager last year.
• A bill in Congress, co-sponsored by most of the Pennsylvania delegation, including U.S. Rep. Charles Dent, R-Lehigh Valley, would require every state to honor the gun permits issued by every other state. That, CeaseFirePa yelped on Thursday, “would expand the Florida loophole to every state,” allowing pistol-packing yahoos to run amok.

The problem with those claims is that they are bogus. The entire premise is false. Let’s start with what happened in Philly