Seeing the Sunday news shows did nothing to diminish my enthusiasm over Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for the VP slot. It did, however, provide a sobering realization of the scale of the challenge ahead for the Romney-Ryan ticket — given that (1) the Obama campaign has shown a willingness to lie without shame; and (2) the ostensible “referees” of the debate (i.e., the media) have already made it more than clear that they are in the tank for Obama.

There are some things that the Romney-Ryan team needs to do right away. These include:

(1) Get surrogates and spokesmen the facts — fast. Reince Priebus has done a stellar job as RNC chairman, but he was not prepared for David Gregory’s onslaught this morning on “Meet the Press.” It is entirely predictable that the left was ready with a “Romney-Ryan want to push Granny off the cliff.” The response needs to be strong, unified, coherent and easy to understand. Paul Ryan has a talent for making the complex simple. It is a talent everyone else needs to develop, fast.