President Obama and Mitt Romney bashed each other on energy in dueling swing-state appearances Tuesday, continuing a war of words on the topic that has dominated the campaign trail in recent days.

Romney appeared at an eastern Ohio coal mine to revive claims that Obama is “waging a war on coal,” alleging the president’s recent pro-coal ad in the battleground state is at odds with his record.

The former Massachusetts governor more broadly called Obama an enemy of fossil fuels, arguing that Obama’s oft-repeated call for an “all of the above” energy strategy is more selective than it sounds.

“He is for all the sources of energy that come from above the ground, none of the sources that come from below the ground,” Romney said. He touted his own plans for aggressive development of coal, as well as domestic oil.

“By the end of my second term … I make this commitment: We will have North American energy independence,” Romney said in Beallsville, Ohio. “We won’t have to buy oil from Venezuela and the Middle East.”