Vote-fraud defenders have been using Viviette Applewhite, a 93-year old Pennsylvania woman whose birth certificate copies were destroyed in two separate house fires, as the “star witness” against Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law. Her Social Security card was stolen a while ago, and she doesn’t have a drivers’ license. Without either birth certificate or SS card, this sweet old lady would be ruthlessly “disenfranchised,” because she couldn’t get one of the new photographic voter ID cards the state is handing out.

Except… the day after a judge refused to issue a temporary injunction against the voter ID law, Applewhite hopped on a bus, went to the PennDOT center, and got herself an ID card. She apparently did this without consulting the vote-fraud defenders that have been using her as a prop in their legal battles. Now they’ll need a fire hose to clean the egg from their faces.