During Friday evening’s edition of Late Night, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told host Jimmy Fallon that unlike this current Republican-controlled Congress, which she views as having a “philosophy” of “obstruction,” her time as Speaker of the House was marked by her cooperation with President George W. Bush.

“This obstruction of the president is something quite new,” Pelosi said to Fallon. She lamented that, in her view, Congress isn’t as “civil” as it used to be: “There was much more civility, and you came to get a job done. Certainly, you advocated for your point of view, but you always strove to find common ground. And i think we have to return to that place.”

Pelosi then took shots at the John Boehner-led Republican House: “The president has tried to cooperate with the Republican majority led by Speaker Boehner, they really have not cooperated with him. That obstruction has really been their philosophy.”