Breaking news: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wastes piles of taxpayer money on ludicrous nonsense, just like every other organ of our bloated government.

Judicial Watch has been auditing the CFPB’s finances. Among the “questionable expenses” they have discovered are $479,354 for sign language translation services, $4,500 to send top attorneys to a “banking law fundamentals” class, and starting salaries as high as $173,000 per year.

The agency told CNN it needed the sign-language services, which apparently cover just two “entry level employees,” in order to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Supposedly they have pre-paid for these services, and will receive a refund of unused sign-language interpreter time at the end of the year. Judicial Watch noted that the expenses paid thus far included $1,185 to cover gas mileage for the interpreter – which, to be fair, is not hard to believe in Barack Obama’s economy.