Texas’ top attorney told Fox News his state will appeal to the Supreme Court after a federal panel of judges on Thursday rejected the Texas law requiring voters to present photo IDs before casting a ballot.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is in Tampa for the Republican National Convention, called the ruling “deeply disappointing.” He said the state is trying to prevent “fraudulent voting,” claiming, for example, that hundreds of dead people were listed as voting in the state’s recent primary.

“This is actually a national trend, where states are trying to do a better job of securing the integrity of the ballot boxes, and yet courts (are) pushing back against that, seemingly promoting and allowing illegal voters to participate in the election process,” Abbott said.

The court decision came down from a three-judge panel in Washington, D.C. — during the same week that South Carolina’s strict photo ID law is on trial in front of another three-judge panel in the same federal courthouse. A ruling is expected before the November election.