First lady Michelle Obama said Tuesday that her prime-time address to the Democratic National Convention would remind the country of “who Barack is, the values that guide him, and [that] those are the values that need to guide this country for the next four years and beyond.”

The first lady provided the preview of her remarks during an interview with syndicated radio host Yolanda Adams.

Obama said her remarks would focus on her husband’s character amid the adversities he faced during his presidency.

“Barack, I have watched him deal with things I could have never imagined that he would be dealing with, and he has done it with grace and poise and intelligence and maturity,” Obama said. “He has put this country on the right path, but he has done it still by being the Barack I have always known, somebody who believes in honesty, somebody who believes the truth matters, and you don’t take shortcuts.”

Obama will give her speech during the 10 p.m. EDT hour carried by b