United Auto Workers (UAW) President Bob King is expected to speak in a prime-time slot on Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention.

UAW officials have been told by convention organizers that King will speak in the 9 o’clock hour on Wednesday, with the caveat that that could still change, according to King. In an interview with The Hill, King said that in his speech, he will address the auto recovery, which has become a campaign flashpoint as President Obama has sought to emphasize his role in saving the industry.

King said the president saved the country from another depression by securing the federal government’s bailout for auto companies that were struggling after the 2008 economic downturn.

“Republicans wanted him to do nothing … at that point, that would have been politically safe. But he said no and that this was too important for our communities,” King said. “He’s a strong leader and the American people need to know that.”