Remember the 2008 Democratic National Convention? Then-Senator Obama had no problem attracting a stadium of 84,000 enthralled supporters for his acceptance speech, a speech filled with soaring promises of change and assurances that yes, we can. Ah, the glory days.

But as the Boss said, they will indeed pass you by.

Cut to Charlotte 2012, where the DNC is reportedly mulling a move from the 74,000-capacity Bank of America Stadium (or Panther Stadium, if you’re a squeamish Democrat), where President Obama’s acceptance speech was initially scheduled to take place, back to the Time Warner Cable Arena with the rest of the convention. They’re blaming inclement weather, but there are some real fears that Obama can’t pack ’em in like he used to. Only 20,000 adoring fans can fit at the Time Warner Arena — but at the very least, officials figure they can get that many people to show up.