Ridding the U.S. of oil-based energy and avoiding the catastrophic consequences of climate change are the primary goals of the Democratic Party platform released this week that labeled the planet’s temperature variations as a national security crisis.

“We must end the tyranny of oil in our time,” the platform said. “This immediate danger is eclipsed only by the longer-term threat from climate change, which will lead to devastating weather patterns, terrible storms, drought, conflict, and famine. That means people competing for food and water in the next fifty years in the very places that have known horrific violence in the last fifty: Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. That could also mean destructive storms on our shores, and the disappearance of our coastline,” the platform said.

The U.S. is no longer public enemy number one when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions — that distinction now goes to China. Other offending countries include the U.S., India, Russia and the European Union, the platform said.