As the campaign settles in for the home stretch, there are many reasons to believe that the Obama
campaign will have trouble closing the deal. Chief among them are the numbers:
When the President took office: 7.8%
Now: 8.3%

Median Household Income:
When the President took office: Almost $55,000
Now: Less than $51,000

Price of Gas:
When the President took office: $1.85 per gallon
Now: $3.78 per gallon (almost double!)

National Debt:
When the President took office: $10.6 trillion
Now: Exceeded $16 trillion last week

If you and I are aware of these figures, you can bet that those on the left are, too. And as the election approaches, some will ramp up a sort of domestic “psy ops” — an effort to convince those disinclined to vote for Obama that he’s going to win anyway. Given how much more enthusiastic about voting Republicans are than Democrats, it’s one of the only ways they have to demoralize pro-Romney voters in the hopes of keeping them home.