An outrageous new low in US-Israeli relations.

The White House has rejected a request by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to meet President Barack Obama in the United States this month, an Israeli official said on Tuesday, after a row erupted between the allies over Iran’s nuclear programme. An Israeli official told Reuters on condition of anonymity that Netanyahu’s aides had asked for a meeting when he visits the United Nations this month, and “the White House has got back to us and said it appears a meeting is not possible. It said that the president’s schedule will not permit that”.

Yes, our president has much higher priorities to attend to — like not attending intelligence briefings, avoiding his jobs council, and jawboning about celebrities and football with swing-state FM disc jockeys. Doesn’t myopic Bibi realize there’s an election to be won? And why on earth would the Israeli Prime Minister be seeking an urgent meeting with the leader of the free world right about now? Perhaps Netanyahu’s concerns might be fueled by, say, this minor development: