Returning to the gunplay-flavored rhetoric that has become a trademark, the prospective presidential candidate urged conservatives in Congress on Wednesday evening not to back down in the increasingly chaotic fight over raising the federal debt ceiling, even as the nation teeters closer to a possibly catastrophic default.

Interviewed on Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News, Palin also took a shot at the Senate’s top Republican, Mitch McConnell, who is pushing for a legislative end-around that would force President Obama and Hill Democrats to assume almost sole political responsibility for raising the debt ceiling.

We cannot default but we cannot afford to retreat right now either. Now is not the time to retreat, it’s the time to reload. And we reload with reality by giving facts and numbers to the American public so that those of us across the United States can start chiming in and letting our representatives know that we will not capitulate, we will not hand over more power, which I believe is unconstitutional, to President Obama to further manipulate our economy,” Palin said