Travelers may soon be doing a double take when they gaze out their plane windows at O’Hare International Airport, the latest location to consider trading in lawn mowers and landscapers for goats.

The Chicago Department of Aviation is looking for about 30 goats and a herder for a pilot program, aimed at taming the grass and weeds in one area of the airport grounds that’s difficult to mow. The agency is the latest government body to find that goats not only never ask for a pay raise or take vacation, they can also get to those had-to-reach spots.

“They may have steep slopes, very hard to get to with heavy machinery, and those machines also emit pollution,” explains Amy Malick, point person for sustainability at the Department of Aviation. “They’re burning fossil fuel. So as a sustainability initiative we’re looking to bring in animals that do not have emissions associated with them, at least to the same extent that heavy machinery would.”