With a little more than a month until the election and the first of the presidential debates this week, campaigns are entering the final phase. But while it might feel like the beginning of the end for those of us engaged in political campaigns, for many voters across the country, this is where they finally start thinking about whom they will vote for. That is why I am confident about our Republican prospects for this November.

Take a look at the fundamentals in this election. Unemployment nationally has been stuck at over 8 percent for 43 consecutive months, our debt has skyrocketed past $16 trillion because of the Democrats’ reckless spending and, as last week’s gross domestic product figures showed, growth remains extremely weak. Added to this, middle-class incomes are lower than they were four years ago, while gas prices, college tuition fees and worker health insurance costs are up. Some politicians seem to forget that these are not just numbers on a page; they represent the difficult times middle-class families in America are experiencing.