Although your carbon emissions can be offset with pixie dust and/or unicorn farts.

Last week, Fox News released a United Nations survey which suggested “innovative” ways to fund global development projects, including a tax on financial transactions and a global carbon tax on rich countries.

“Indeed, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change mandates only that higher-income countries make specific targeted reductions, as those countries are responsible for most of the man-made concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere and are best able to bear the economic burden,” the survey said.

“In this vein, a tax of $25 per ton of CO2 emitted by developed countries is expected to raise $250 billion per year in global tax revenues,” the survey continued.

The carbon tax is being debated in the United States as well.

In August, Democratic Congressman Jim McDermott of Washington introduced a bill that would create a carbon emissions permitting system, placing an initial maximum price of $18.75 per ton of carbon which would then steeply rise to $131.25 per ton of carbon over a decade.