The 2008 farm bill expired on Sept. 30 and it is not clear when or if Congress will approve a replacement. The expiration of the farm bill has had little impact on most of the industry, but that could change if nothing is done before January. Crops produced in 2012 are covered under the provisions of the 2008 farm bill. However, the end of the farm bill has put an end to the Milk Income Loss Contract program. Congress will face a huge backlog of critical problems when and if they reconvene after the election for a lame duck session and passing a new farm bill will probably be a relatively low priority. Key provisions of the 1949 permanent farm law begin to kick in after Jan. 1, such as the $38 per hundredweight milk support price, so Congress will need to take some action before then. An extension of the 2008 law seems like the most likely outcome at this point in time.