The meningitis outbreak in several states has now claimed 12 lives, with the latest victim dying in Florida, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Wednesday.

The number of people affected by the deadly outbreak has gone up to 137, officials said.

Victims have died in five states: six in Tennessee, three in Michigan, and one each in Florida, Maryland and Virginia.

Other states involved include Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey and Ohio.

Officials have tied the outbreak of rare fungal meningitis to steroid shots for back pain. The steroid was custom-made by New England Compounding Center, a specialty pharmacy in Framingham, Mass. The steroid was recalled Sept. 26.

At least one contaminated vial was found at the company, which later recalled every product it makes.

The government has identified about 75 facilities in 23 states that received the recalled doses. It is not clear exactly how many people could get sick, though the fungus is not transmitted from person to person.