Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) on Tuesday indicated that he agrees with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s remark that nearly half of the country is overly dependent on the federal government, and said he fears this dependency will “end in chaos” when the government is finally forced to cut back.

Paul did not explicitly mention Romney or Romney’s comment that 47 percent of the country is unlikely to vote for him because they are dependent on the government. But in a post on his website Tuesday, he agreed that government dependency has grown out of control, and said this idea should not be seen as controversial.

“The media insists on characterizing statements about dependency on government handouts as controversial, but in truth such statements are absolutely correct,” Paul said.

Paul, a candidate for the presidency this cycle, said the level of dependency is even higher than Romney’s 47 percent estimate, and said that if food stamps, welfare, Medicare, Social Security and people employed by the government are counted, roughly 53 percent of the population is dependent on the government in some way.