A top lobby for the oil-and-gas industry said Thursday that its members had some concerns about a push to overhaul the tax code.

Stephen Comstock of the American Petroleum Institute told reporters that, while the industry understood the value of a streamlined tax system, the group’s members haven’t pressed too hard for a simpler code.

“Tax reform will be a complicated process,” said Comstock, API’s manager for tax policy. “I think our members are wary of how that process will take place. But they are absolutely willing to be at the table, and engaged in how should it come about.”

Comstock also suggested that his industry might not have too much to gain from a tax revamp.

“We may not always come out ahead,” Comstock said. “We’re not in a position of asking for anything.”

“We’re really in a position now of looking at those things that are important to the industry, important to the members, and educating them on why they’re important,” Comstock added, referencing the group’s discussion with policymakers.