It’s a strange endorsement in this Montana television ad—stuffed and mounted wild game come to life and praise Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) for killing them.

“Jon stood up for hunters in Montana, stood strong for the Second Amendment,” says the voiceover of a scaup, in a poor imitation of its better-known cousin the Aflac duck. “Jon even took on the Obama administration over grey wolves,” the scaup says as a wolf skin rug, grey in color, growls in response.

Tester faces Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg in his reelection effort and paid for the television advertisement as part of a larger effort to cast himself as a friend to the hunting and fishing community—a significant base of Montana voters.

However, a sizable contribution to Tester’s campaign comes from an out-of-state environmental group that seeks to protect wildlife from man—including sportsmen.

The liberal League of Conservation Voters funds political candidates based on their support of certain environmental issues, and gave Tester a 91 percent ranking on its scorecard this congressional session for votes siding with the Environmental Protection Agency, global warming initiatives and for opposing most energy development projects that use natural resources.