I missed this last week, but hey, who doesn’t love being regaled with yet another example of the many ways in which the government’s unceasing market interference continually goes awry? The federal government never seems to tire of fancying itself a venture capitalist with our tax dollars, no matter how many instances of hilarious ineptitude are thrown back in their face. (As ever, I only laugh to keep from weeping.)

On Friday, Reuters reported that a foreign wind manufacturer with plants in the United States has decided to lay off upwards of 800 workers, due largely to uncertainty over the looming fate of the wind production tax credit. (Sidebar: How is it that President Obama seems to be against offshoring on principle when it comes to Mitt Romney’s business investments; but when it comes to foreign companies offshoring jobs to the United States, it’s suddenly perfectly okay? I merely point out the logical inconsistency in promoting a free and open global economy, hem hem.)