Mitt Romney picked up two points overnight among likely voters and now holds a 6-percentage point lead nationally over President Obama, according to Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

Romney takes 51 percent support against 45 percent for Obama in the Gallup poll of likely voters, and also leads 48 to 46 among registered voters.

The survey is a rolling seven-day average through Oct. 16 and does not include polling data taken after Tuesday night’s debate in New York.

Gallup only began tracking likely voters earlier this month. The 6-point margin is Romney’s biggest lead yet in the survey, and comes less than three weeks before the election.

Gallup polls only survey registered voters early in the cycle, but as Election Day nears, it prods for more information from voters to determine the likelihood that a registered voter will end up casting a ballot. 

Many believe surveys of likely voters are more accurate than those that only survey registered voters.