Federal officials announce new details Friday on their investigation of the deadly meningitis outbreak.

The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that the fungus in infected steroid shots matches the one connected to the outbreak spreading across the country.

Twenty-one people have now died and 271 others have gotten sick.

The New England Compounding Center where the shots were made is under investigation now.

Anti-fungal treatments are available for those who got sick from this but they can have significant side effects.

William Schaffner, M.D., of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases said, “The most common side effects have to do with damage to kidney function and liver function, so both have to be monitored very, very carefully with frequent doctor visits.”

Around 14,000 patients are believed to have been exposed to the tainted shots , the FDA and CDC say about 97 percent of them have been contacted so far.

One illness has been reported in New York making it the 16th state with a case connected to the outbreak.