House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers said over the weekend that recent disclosures by intelligence officials that once again revise the narrative on what happened during the deadly attack last month in Libya suggest an “orchestrated defense of the administration.”

The Michigan Republican congressman did not specify what disclosures he was talking about, but was likely referring to recent news articles downplaying the role of Al Qaeda in the Sept. 11 strike, as well as comments by intelligence officials claiming once again that protests elsewhere over an anti-Islam film may have played a role in inspiring the attack.

“It appears from a spate of articles that there is an orchestrated defense of the administration underway with selective disclosures of (intelligence community) products to support what policy-makers have said publicly,” Rogers said in a statement.

Claims that the film played a role would support in part the controversial comments by U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice on the Sunday after the attack. However, officials still claim there was no actual protest in Benghazi at the time of the attack and that extremist elements were involved. Considering other indications that suggest a broader and coordinated plot, Rogers cast doubt on the latest effort to support what some administration officials have said.