Mitt Romney laid blame for the lack of a new farm bill squarely on President Barack Obama’s shoulders today.

“The president says you all know where the White House is, come see me if you’d like to. My view is: Go there. Meet with them. This has to be done,” Romney told The Des Moines Register’s editorial board today. “You’ve got farms in trouble right now. We have to get this resolved. Find a way to compromise.”

The farm bill expired Sept. 30 after the Republican-led U.S. House didn’t vote on a new version of the bill, which covers food stamps, farm programs conservation and other matters. The failure to act means the permanent laws from the 1940s and 1930s are now effect.

Iowa farmers now most concerned about subsidized crop insurance for drought damage, although so far through Oct. 8 just .05 percent of Iowa insured corn acres had been indemnified as a loss. And environmentalists who want to link farmer participation in crop insurance with mandatory compliance with soil conservation planning are also upset.