Real ID Ltd, based in Mumbai, India has developed an electronic identification and management system for livestock, which they say can create national livestock registries and reliable global supply chain traceability for animals and animal products.

CSS Rao, the company’s managing director, presented a paper outlining the concept at the 2012 conference of the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR) earlier this year in Cork, Ireland. Rao says the system will provide secure electronic identification for individual livestock, irrefutably linked to their true ownership at any given time, for use in management, marketing, disease mitigation and prevention of theft.

The system would use electronic identification devices such as ear tags, implants or boluses, linked to an electronic ID smart card issued by government authorities to the owners and traders of livestock.

Rao says that ID systems around the world have developed methods for identifying individual animals, but have overlooked the importance and necessity of simultaneously identifying and registering their owners and the supply chain operators, using uniform global practices and codified systems, in order to complete the chain of identification.