Damning details about this national scandal continue to emerge, even as the administration hunkers down and tries to wait it out on a political timetable. ABC News’ Jake Tapper describes the succession of appalling revelations as a slow drip, but the stream is picking up. Let’s pick through what we’ve learned over the last 48 hours alone (if you’re short on time, skip down to item number five, which is the biggest story of the bunch):

(1) As Katie reported yesterday, secret cables sent from US personnel in Libya to the State Department offered dire and specific warnings that our diplomatic mission in Benghazi was extremely susceptible to a coordinated attack. Such a raid was a significant cause for concern, the document said, because the US team had identified no fewer than ten Islamist militias operating in the city (some of which had already launched attacks against Western targets). And yet numerous subsequent requests for additional security measures were denied — and the American security presence was actually scaled back. Watch Fox News’ national security correspondent Catherine Herridge explain why she views the newly-unearthed documents (authored by Amb. Stevens and sent to Hillary Clinton’s office prior to the attack) amount to a “smoking gun:”