President Obama on Sunday asked Americans for more time to finish what he started while Mitt Romney argued the country needs a change in leadership – as both candidates distilled the closing arguments in the final weekend of the 2012 campaign.

Obama and Romney held morning events and will go late into the night — rallying in one battleground state, then dashing onto an airplane to reach another with two days left before Election Day.

“After all we have been through, we can’t give up now,” Obama said during an outdoor event in Concord, N.H., attended by more than 14,000 people. “I’m not ready to give up the fight.”

At practically the same time, Romney argued the president had four years to improve the country and warned that another Obama term might result in more economic decline.

“The same course we’ve been on, will not lead to a better destination,” Romney told a crowd of about 4,400 in Des Moines, Iowa. “Unless we change course, we may be looking at another recession.

“The question of this election comes down to this: Do you want four more years like the last four years, or do you want real change? President Obama promised change, but he couldn’t deliver it. … He’s got excuses. I’ve got a plan.”