It should come as no surprise – especially if you live in Ohio – that presidential campaign spending has reached record levels. The campaigns for President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney spent a combined total of more than $2 billion on advertising, according to data from the Fedeal Election Commission. In fact, since the election that pitted George W. Bush against Al Gore, spending per voter has more than doubled, from $18 in 2000 to an estimated $42 this year. Obama and Romney have spent more than $30 per second this campaign election cycle.

Maybe more amazing is that more than one million TV ads have been aired this election year, 39 percent more than 2008. Between April, when Romney clinched his Republican primary victory, and Oct. 28, there were 1,086,162 ads aired in the presidential race, with Democrats financing 568,269 compared with 517,893 backed by pro-Romney forces, according to New York- based Kantar Media’s CMAG.

Estimates of total campaign spending that include congressional campaigns and other elections will push total spending over $6 billion this year.