Voters devastated by superstorm Sandy — many of whom were left homeless and broke — doggedly made their way to makeshift polls even as they tried to rebuild their lives, with one saying her right to cast a ballot “is the only thing I have left.”

On New York’s Staten Island, FEMA workers were going door-to-door, still expecting to find bodies, shovel-bearing U.S. Marines stood by ready to help and weary-eyed residents, many wearing surgical masks, stood outside their wrecked homes.

“Yes, I voted,” Mona Schriver, 68, a nurse at Staten Island University Hospital, told “I voted because it’s the only thing I have left. Everything else is gone.”

Schriver’s neighbors in the Midland Beach section of Staten Island’s South Shore said they were left to depend on the grapevine for instructions on how and where to vote. Pat Nelson, 59, said her daughter set up an alert on her cellphone that notified her to vote at a school near her home. But Nelson was angry that no official notification was given to residents.