It is madness to propose an energy-cost increase at a time when unemployment and gasoline prices are high and family incomes are sagging. Unfortunately, economically destructive policy ideas are not a deterrent for the enemies of fossil fuels.

Rep. Jim McDermott, Washington Democrat, rose to national prominence during his controversial 2002 trip to Baghdad, where he claimed the Iraqi government was more trustworthy than his president. More recently, he stated he was “tired of reading the Constitution.” It appears he also is tired of reading complaints of rising fuel prices, as he has proposed a carbon tax that, according to some analysts, could add nearly $9,000 to a family’s energy costs in the next decade.

The Managed Carbon Price Act of 2012 would impose a carbon tax on fossil fuels essential for the pursuit of our individual and collective happiness and economic prosperity. The tax would rise exponentially in coming years, with no cap, in a specious attempt to “cover” the federal deficit.