This week we will once again observe an annual ritual familiar to families across the nation, where people gather together for one, sincere purpose: beating other shoppers to a pulp in an effort to cash in on big savings. (What… you thought I was talking about Thanksgiving?) Black Friday is once again approaching, and it’s quickly becoming as controversial as any political event. Personally speaking, I haven’t left the house on Black Friday in a decade unless it was to travel back home from a Thanksgiving visit with family, and I certainly don’t go anywhere near any malls or shopping centers.

As always, Wal-Mart is a big player in the Black Friday follies, this year pushing the envelope to start their annual sale before the clock even turns over from Turkey Day. While this may have some shoppers feeling excited, a number of their workers are less than thrilled. And union organizers – thus far unable to make any inroads there – are planning some dirty tricks.