It’s an old chestnut among “climate change” skeptics that we’ll start taking the complaints of the cult seriously when its high priests start living as if they really believe there’s a crisis. Global warming pope Al Gore has a carbon footprint that would crush a Third World nation. Climate-change sultans fly into lavishly catered eco-conferences on luxury private jets. Hollywood stars lecture the rest of us about using too much energy while they live in mansions and tool around in limousines.

In a similar vein, the earls and barons of Washington certainly don’t live as if they believe there is a “budget crisis,” or any need for even the most cursory fiscal restraint. The difference, of course, is that the coming fiscal collapse of Washington is very real, unlike “global warming,” and can be easily forecast with a simple spreadsheet, unlike the weather. Ironically, many of the people who believe passionately in the fake crisis of global warming stubbornly refuse to accept the very real federal debt crisis. That’s because the fake crisis is an excuse for making government larger, while dealing with the real crisis would require the unprecedented step of making it smaller.

The Washington Times reports on the lavish expense of memorializing our bureaucratic royalty: