For some reason, even after “binders,” “birth control,” and Big Bird actually did help Obama win a second term, the Republican Party is apparently still under the illusion that, just because the Left and the media launch a Narrative that’s objectively false and nonsensical, we don’t have to push back against it. But if those exit polls taught us anything, it’s that we do. And a lack of pushback is why we’re currently losing the Susan Rice debate.

While Republicans are off licking their wounds or just taking a break after an exhausting campaign, the Left and the media are not. And as a result, the GOP is currently getting its butt kicked all over the place.

Everywhere now, online, print media, and on cable nets like CNN and MSNBC, the false Narrative is flourishing that Republicans oppose Rice because she’s black and a woman. The media doesn’t care one whit that Republicans wholeheartedly backed Condi Rice (who is black and a woman) for Secretary of State, because this is about politics, not truth.