Perhaps it’s time to change MSNBC to MSRBC, with the “R” standing for race. The far-left network has reached a point where every issue is about race no matter what host is ranting. The latest example of this comes from perennial race-baiting anchor Touré who on Nov. 26 attacked Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham as “old, white, establishment folks.”

Toure, the Boston bred, prep school educated Milton Academy graduate, who appears to have ditched his last name to gain street cred, is co-host of the cable channel’s “The Cycle.”

In Touré’s black-and-white world, McCain is a “bitter” failed candidate who has no right to dare question potential Secretary of State candidate Susan Rice because she is a “much younger black woman.” He also claimed McCain was on a “witchhunt” and “tarring” Rice, another unsubtle code word.