I’ve been focusing a lot lately on the economic bounty that would come as part and parcel of allowing American companies to more freely export natural gas, as fewer restrictions on free trade are reliably good policies for job-and-wealth creation, but Republican Sen. Richard Lugar — who will shortly be leaving Congress after a very long career, hem hem — took a parting legislative shot by pointing out another valuable aspect of freer LNG exports.

Mitt Romney got a lot of flack for his remarks about Russia being our “number one geopolitical foe” during the campaign season, but the man had a point about the former Soviet Union being one of the world’s more nefarious actors. Right now, certain nations are beholden to Russia and Iran for their energy needs, and Lugar thinks the United States could undermine these countries’ influence by simply allowing for a little good ol’-fashioned, American-style market competition on the global scene. The WSJ reports: