17 days to go to the cliff and the theme of media coverage heading into the weekend will undoubtedly be how the Republican Party’s favorability rating has dropped since the November election. A poll released this week by NBC News/WSJ shows that the percentage of those who view the party positively has dropped from 36 percent prior to the election, to 30 percent now in the midst of the fiscal cliff debate.

Americans are seemingly hungry for a resolution to this crisis, and as it would be appetizing for some to go off the cliff, a majority are still decidedly against automatic across the board tax hikes and drastic spending cuts. Democrats have been unceasingly painting this to their advantage — hence the “hostage taker” rhetoric that has become a favorite with some Democrats on Capitol Hill. If image is everything in Washington politics, and it’s clear that the image enhancers in the media sit comfortably in the Obama administration’s pocket, then the Congressional GOP either needs to awaken to the loss of this public relations battle or find a new way to portray the White House as the true culprit in prolonging poverty and a sluggish economy.