Ostensibly, what we’re all meant to be working toward in preparation for the fiscal cliff is a “balanced approach” (which also happens to be fundamentally trivial, but I digress) at which emphatic Democrats keep telling us we’ll arrive through bipartisan negotiations and compromise. But, it’s a little odd that the Democrats keep pulling things off the table as absotively, posilutely non-negotiable; Republicans, meanwhile, have made significant concessions, first with revenue increases via capping deductions, and now with Speaker Boehner’s floated Plan-B possibility that would actually concede some tax-rate increases on the highest earners.

The Democratic response to this gesture? Rabble rabble rabble! How dare the GOP even suggest such a thing:

The White House and congressional Democrats swiftly panned Speaker John A. Boehner’s plan to push legislation in the House that would let tax rates rise only for millionaires, the Ohio Republican’s “plan B” to avert the fiscal cliff.