National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Manager of Legislative Affairs Kent Bacus said while President Obama and congressional leaders may disagree on a final agreement regarding our nation’s debt ceiling, one thing they should be able to agree on is finalizing the pending free trade agreements (FTAs) with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. According to Bacus, implementing the three pending FTAs will help jumpstart our nation’s economy and create jobs without costing taxpayers a dime.

“The federal government tried to stimulate the economy with its $862 billion so-called stimulus bill in 2010. With unemployment higher than 9 percent and with the economy struggling to grow and expand, it’s time to take a new path. It’s time to implement the pending FTAs with Colombia, Panama and South Korea,” Bacus said. “It’s been said that we don’t need new taxes to get our nation back on sound fiscal footing.

We need more Americans working and contributing to federal, state, and local tax revenues. Implementing the three FTAs will create as many as 250,000 jobs and bring opportunities for economic growth to our nation without increasing the rapidly expanding $14 trillion national debt.”