Rush Limbaugh said Thursday that President Barack Obama’s post fiscal cliff Hawaii vacation is a “slap in the face” to Republicans, many of who Limbaugh says caved when they compromised.

“[Democrats] are secretly throwing parties over this. Obama is! He’s doing pep rallies. Obama went back to Hawaii to finish the vacation. That’s another slap in the face, by the way. He gets back on Air Force One as soon as the Republicans caved,” the conservative commentator said on his radio show Thursday, according to a show transcript.

Following the House’s passage of the fiscal cliff compromise, Obama quickly went to Hawaii to join his wife and daughters. Obama left so fast the bill had to be signed by autopen.

Another slight, Limbaugh said.

“He didn’t even sign the bill. You know what? Obama used the autopen in the White House to sign the legislation. He didn’t even personally sign it,” Limbaugh said, according to the transcript.