Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has plans to introduce a bill that if passed would require background checks on ammunition purchases. It’s called the Ammunition Background Check Act and late yesterday Blumenthal took to Twitter to explain his position by posting the following graphics.

“Ammo sales need same instant background checks as guns. I’m introducing the Ammunition Background Check Act,” Blumenthal wrote.


The bill from the Connecticut Democrat, who served as the state’s attorney general, would require retailers to use an FBI database to conduct background checks on anyone who buys bullets and report to law enforcement when someone purchases more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

“Ammunition is the black hole of gun violence prevention,” Blumenthal said on a conference call with reporters. “Felons, fugitives, domestic violence abusers, seriously mentally ill people — all are barred by law from buying ammunition and guns, but there are no checks for ammunition sales to enforce the law.”

The bill would also ban Teflon-coated bullets, which can pierce body armor.