The Republican National Committee has quashed any notion that the GOP is thinking of switching the way we elect the president every four years in the hopes of changing the party’s recent fortune at the ballot box.

“The chairman [Reince Priebus] believes this is an interesting idea that has been discussed for some time now in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan but that it’s up to each state to decide if it’s right for them,” RNC Press Secretary Kirsten Kukowski said in an e-mail statement.

Priebus, in a Friday interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, was asked about of having the Badger’s State electoral votes being doled out to the winner of each congressional district, along with 2 votes to the statewide winner, instead of the winner-take-all format being used today. “It’s not my decision that can come from the RNC, that’s for sure,” he told the Badger State paper last week. Recently, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has indicated that he would be open to changing the system.