One of the reasons there is still no farm bill to offer to the deficit trimming Super Committee in Congress is that members of the ag committees still haven’t seen a written draft of the bill.

That’s the view of Roger Johnson, National Farmers Union President, who spoke with by telephone Thursday from the National Association of Farm Broadcasters conference in Kansas City.

“Members aren’t going to vote for something until they see it written, and they shouldn’t,” Johnson said. Nor would his group, and probably most other farm groups, endorse the legislation without seeing it, he added.

Johnson said that the staff of the leaders of the House and Senate ag committees are currently trying to put together two concepts, a permanent disaster program something like SURE (Supplement Revenue Assistance Payments Program) and ACRE (Average Crop Revenue Election) program.

Johnson said that a few weeks ago Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) proposed a disaster program that would trigger when income dropped below a guarantee set at the farm level.