Fracking kills.


That’s according to Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s widow and the latest celebrity to take up the environmental fad against hydraulic fracturing, the method of extracting natural gas from shale rock layers deep inside the earth.

It’s a process that has been used since 1947 but modernized to make it economically viable since 1998. Environmentalists recently hailed natural gas as the clean alternative to oil, but that was before the discovery in 2010 that the Sierra Club had accepted $26 million in donations from industry insiders.

The Sierra Club has since refused to take money from companies like Chesapeake Energy, and now the environmental fashion is against fracking, as evidenced by Ono and her son Sean Lennon’s Jan. 11 magical mystery bus tour of natural gas drilling sites in northeastern Pennsylvania.

“Fracking kills, and it doesn’t just kill us,” Ono told Rolling Stone magazine after the tour. “It kills the land, nature and eventually, the whole world.”

While opposition from Ono and Lennon might be prompted in part from a “not-in-my-backyard” viewpoint—a pipeline is under consideration for a route near their Catskills home—resistance from other Hollywood stars is also strong and includes the likes of Lady Gaga, Ringo Starr, Ethan Hawke and Steven Tyler, along with the usual suspects of Alec Baldwin, Daryl Hannah, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins.